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…my advice is this: See it in one glorious shot, grab as much from it as you can and run like hell. I say that not because I hated "Masked & Anonymous," but because I loved it. "Masked & Anonymous" -- which opens in New York on Thursday, in Los Angeles on Friday and thereafter in other cities -- is an exhilarating and sometimes puzzling jumble that explores the dangers of power, the nature of Americana and the Bob Dylan myth, among many, many other things.


...You would probably have to go back to early Godard to find a movie as audacious, shockingly funny and brilliantly incisive in its analysis of the uneasy alliance between art and commerce as Masked and Anonymous, the new movie from Bob Dylan and Larry Charles. As with some Godard, I can't say whether it's a comedy or a tragedy - but it's definitely a masterpiece.
Isis Magazine


...Congrats to him for making Masked & Anonymous a head-scratcher. It's one of the select few films from the [Sundance] festival that'll warrant several screenings before unlocking its message. Lucky for the rest of the nation it was among one of the very first to be snatched up.


...There is a new Bob Dylan album, it is a film called Masked And Anonymous. And, like a new recording, the film is a statement from Dylan which those of us who love his work will wrestle with and probe and question and from which we will pick up new riches with each viewing.


...If premieres are eligible for awards, this should get one for writing. The dialog is unnatural and tight and has a strangely compelling quality I can't quite pin down. Visually this movie has a disturbing edge, there are broken watches, barbed wire, homeless people with wonderful faces and armed soldiers, revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries on every street corner. The acting, the music, the ... I think I'll stop raving now, but I plan to see it again when it is released.


...Similar to Dylan’s 60’s protest music, "Masked" has been noted for its political and social consciousness and said to be so texturally rich that one viewing is not sufficient.  The film moves through prophetic speeches, quirky characters, frantic lovers, political schemes, powerful recurring images and woven through it all is a classic soundtrack and a Dylan sense of humor.