August 18, 2018

Jeff's Sleeping Tapes returned! Here's a link: Dreaming with Jeff They've been back for a while, but I haven't. I've mostly been building my private practice (counseling) in Bellingham, WA as well as taking care of my family and challenging myself to tire my dog out - it hasn't happened yet. I'm also opening an Etsy shop to sell art made by a couple of talented friends and, who knows, maybe I'll add some of my own. I suspect the Etsy shop will be called Nicko's, but I'll come back here to let you know.

I still love working on Jeff's site. It seems like a long time since I've done that and I realize there are some links that need tender loving care. Thank you to those people who reach out to let me know what needs my attention. The message board is always entertaining - please feel free to join in and liven up the conversation, if you want company in a more manageable group than the normal social media style.


February 18, 2016

Jeff's Sleeping Tapes have disappeared! He is working on getting them back online in the near future. In the meantime, if you can't sleep, HERE's a one hour OM by Jeff.

February 22, 2015

I'm back! Why does it take me so long to update this? Mainly thinking about what to write, of course. I think: Should I be posting news about Jeff? I haven't got much, sadly. I know he's enjoying his music and touring with the Abiders, and that he's made some Sleeping Tapes, but anyone with access to Google and/or a TV probably knows more about his life than I do these days. Should I be revealing my deep, dark secrets or my poetic soul? I'm not sure I have either... perhaps revisiting The Artist's Way will prompt those for a future post. Should I be giving advice on how to live your life more fully? No. The last thought is to write what's on my mind which, these days, is friendships. I recently moved, with my family, out of state and am reevaluating my relationships. I have Facebook friendships, friends I've left behind, old friends from my past, and new people I've met here. Which are the "real" friends? What do I want from friendships - companionship, intimacy, fun, support, or..? How does one go about finding new friends in a new city or keeping old friendships alive when there's little in common anymore? And if a person is truly "the average of the people you spend the most time with" then how does one find a group that fits who you want to be? If I find the answers (and the group) maybe I'll update this post with the advice on how to do it! In the meantime, here's a photo of my boy with Jeff when we went to see the Abiders play in Edmonds, WA, last November.

Jeff and Jack



October 4, 2013

Seriously? I haven't updated this since the end of 2011?! But I'm so opinionated and ready to talk about anything to anyone! OK, so with Jeff's encouragement I'm going to try to write here regularly. Perhaps no-one will read it - there are very few people who come here to read about my thoughts (apart from a strange cyber bully in the U.K.) but I'll write anyway and hope it entertains someone.

My thoughts today are about smelly things. My dog just rolled in a dead raccoon again. She stank but this time I didn't take her to the $50 groomer, I used the garden hose and a $5 bottle of dog shampoo. I think she liked it better and I had fun, too. Now I get to put on clean, dry, cozy clothes and plan how to spend all that money I saved. I also need to plan how to get rid of the dead raccoon. Ugh. The other thing on my mind is that I discovered today that ground cinnamon is not a good substitute for cinnamon sticks when flavoring Kombucha. When I opened the bottle something nasty, brown and globby flew out and stuck to the kitchen wall. The rest of the bottle was filled with the rest of the brown, globby, monster - not drinkable but it smells heavenly!

For anyone who came here looking for updates about Jeff, he's in South Africa making The Giver, at last! He's been wanting to make this book by Lois Lowry into a movie for as long as I've known him (almost 20 years) but the script was never quite right. Originally he was hoping his father, Lloyd Bridges, would play the Giver and it would be an appropriate movie for his young children to see. Now Jeff will be playing the role of the Giver and his daughters are grown up... but I suspect they'll still see the movie.

If anyone actually does read this and wants to learn more about making Kombucha, I have pinned some great information on Pinterest. If you want to let me know that you've read these ramblings, please connect with me on Facebook.


December, 2011

Apparently there are a few fake Coachella posters circulating, one of which features Jeff. Unfortunately he won't be appearing there.

Wishing you all a healthy, creative and adventurous 2012!


November, 2011

So, I've discovered that 'riffing' isn't something that comes very easily to me and it has taken me about five months to get back here.

Jeff is still working on R.I.P.D. which sounds like a great movie that I'm looking forward to seeing. His daughter, Jessie, is his assistant on this one and it sounds as if she's loving life in Boston.

When Jeff and the Abiders played a gig in Phoenix, Jeff painted a great piece of art to be auctioned for Share Our Strength - No Kid Hungry. The painting is now on eBay and the bids are mounting.

Although I've had some thoughts about what to write on here in the last five months, none are coming to my mind this morning so I will close by thanking you for supporting Jeff and wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not.


June, 2011

It's been a while since I wrote here. When Jeff first thought up my page, it was to write updates that he didn't have time to create himself. These days I'm not so much in the loop with what is going on in his life, unfortunately. So, he has suggested I just 'riff' and see what appears on this page. Thank you, Jeff!

Last night some friends and I were talking about the state of the natural world and Al Gore's recent article on global warming in the Rolling Stone. One educated friend announced that she doesn't believe in the concept of global warming. I was amazed and didn't know that anyone, other than Michael Crichton, doubted it or would admit to doubting it. However, her arguments were quite compelling and she remarked that the world is always changing, there have always been extinctions and new species, and that this is another form of evolution that we can ride with. I don't agree but it has left me thinking... which is always a good thing!

Back to Jeff ~ He's touring with The Abiders now and releasing his album in August. His dreams are becoming a reality. I'm so happy for him and loving his new music! After a busy summer of music he's off to start his new movie, R.I.P.D., which sounds like it'll be another good one.



November, 2010

Jeff is excited to be part of the Lone Star Film Festival in Texas this year. He has chosen some of his favorite movies from his career to be screened, including "The Last Picture Show," "The Big Lebowski," and "Crazy Heart." He and T-Bone Burnett will also be performing together in a concert at the festival.


July 29, 2010

Jeff has teamed up with his good friend, Bernie Glassman, to help fight hunger in this country. Read more in the Huffington Post article.

July, 2010

Jeff has a new assistant - Becky. I wish her many happy hours, days, weeks, months, years collaborating with Jeff on all his creative pursuits! It has been wonderful working with Naomi over the last few years and I wish her all the best for her future and look forward to our continued friendship.


March, 2010

Jeff is on location making True Grit and therefore unable to post this news on his Latest page but he wanted me to let everyone know about a show that is at the Rose Gallery now. The whole show can be viewed on their website under "exhibitions." They also have Jeff's Crazy Heart photography books for sale there.


February, 2010

Congratulations to Jeff on his Golden Globe, his SAG award and now his nomination for an Oscar!


April, 2009

Jeff is in Canada working on the sequel to TRON.


January, 2009

I recently moved the site from a generous server that accepted all my lazy encoding, including capital letters and spaces, to a less tolerant server which made me sit up straight and clean up my act. You may have noticed missing links and images, amongst other things. Thank you to all the people who emailed me to point out my mistakes! It really was appreciated and helped me with my task of reworking everything. I hope the job is almost complete. Thank you for your patience!

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy 2009.



October, 2008

Jeff is taking off for his latest movie, Men Who Stare at Goats, but has found time to update the site here and there. You'll find news on the Latest page, a couple of new interesting things on the Stuff page and some recycled doodles on the Doodles page.

My plans for getting more interactive with this page haven't come to fruition yet but I'm still hoping to have some fun with it. (Don't hold your breath).

Last October Jeff put these pumpkin drawings on the Latest page. They each have links attached, so please click on them.






July, 2008


It's been a while since I've updated this so here's an attempt. Jeff is currently in deep prep mode for Crazy Heart and Tron2, which is being written and will film some time next year.

I am planning to have fun with this page - perhaps some polls, interesting links, etc. Maybe even pictures of Jeff..!? Check back soon and often.

Until then, if not before, have a good one!


December, 2007


If anyone has seen The Amateurs, currently showing in select cities in the U.S., we would love to hear your reviews of the movie on the message board.


October, 2007

There are fires raging around Southern California but so far Jeff and his family are all safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with those people who are being affected by Mother Nature's latest outburst.

Jeff now has two great assistants, both called Naomi. Other than that news I've been pretty much out of the loop having just been in Europe for five weeks. Below is a picture of my little boy at Drombeg Stone Circle in Ireland, taken by my husband.




June, 2007

We are very happy to see that Jeff's site got a good review in!



June, 2007

Jeff's assistant for the last year has been the very capable and wonderful Amy. She has found a new job working from home, to be closer to her family. Before Amy was Naomi... after Amy is another Naomi. I wish Amy much success in the future and thanks for being such a great contact person for me! I also want to welcome Naomi and wish her a fun ride. If anyone needs to contact Naomi they can do so at


February, 2007

Jeff has updated the Latest page and also added a cool link on the Links page. My little boy celebrated his first birthday at the end of January. Here's the birthday card Jeff sent him:

Nicky: Thank you!  (Does he really look like that..?)

Jeff: A little bit - - - when he’s 45.
Love, jeff

Jack: I resemble that remark!




January, 2007

A message from Jeff:

I wanted to turn you on to John Goodwin’s album, Up To Here. John is my dear friend (my oldest – we go back to the 4th grade).  I recorded three of his songs on my album, Be Here Soon. My record label, RAMP Records, released it on iTunes December 26th - here’s the web address:  It can also be heard streaming on my website: Hope you dig it.  If you do, please spread the word.
You can review it on iTunes or on my website message board, if you like.
All the best and Happy New Year,

December, 2006

Jeff's assistant, Naomi, who took over from me a couple of years ago, had a baby boy in June this year. Amy stepped in to cover Naomi's maternity leave. She enjoyed working with Jeff so much that when Naomi realized she couldn't leave her new son to return to work, Amy decided to stay on. I wish Naomi much happiness with her family and Amy a wonderful time at the Bridges!There's a new announcement from Jeff on the Latest page and a scary picture story on the Stuff page. Happy holidays and a great 2007 from me to everyone reading this!


October, 2006

Jeff has updated again with some fun diversions. There is plenty of news on the Latest page and a story, too. You can look through his book of photographs from the Moguls (aka The Amateurs) on the Photography page. There are new places to check out from the Stuff page. The Quotes page has been added to and there are some recycled doodles on the Doodles page.Jeff sent an email to friends saying:
I’m sending out this email to give you all a ‘heads up’ on the new Terry Gilliam movie, Tideland.  It will be playing at The Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica starting Friday, October 20th.  It will play there for one week only.  The Nuart is located at 11272 Santa Monica Blvd., just west of the 405 Fwy.  The phone number there is 310.281.8223.  Tideland is a very bizarre movie, even for Terry.  It’s the most bizarre movie I’ve been a part of.  I don’t suppose it will be everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ - I certainly dug it.  The reason I’m sending you this email is I think you might as well.  Below is a link to the official Tideland website where you'll also find a full US screening schedule.
Please tell all your friends who might enjoy seeing it.  The movie has no money for prints and ads and needs as much support as it can get.
Wishing you all a wonderful Halloween!

P.S. The soundtrack to Tideland is now available.


June 1st , 2006

There are several updated pages on the site. Jeff has updated the Latest page with his news as well as a new story by Richard Chase and a new batch of quotes on the Quotes page, this time from one of Jeff's favorite books, The Artist's Way. The Stuff page also has some new, fun diversions to entertain, including Wolfgang's Vault where you find streaming of some great Bill Graham concerts from the 60's and 70's (Jimi, Janis, Sly, the Band, the Dead, etc.) - click on Vault Radio. The Photograph Gallery has some of Jeff's pictures from his time working on Stick It!


February 9th, 2006

I have more news of my own than Jeff's, but I'll start with what I know of his. Jeff has been playing music around town and jamming at home with his Garage Band (a computer program) having a lot of fun. He is also very happy to report that his good friend, John Goodwin, has a song on a top selling album, Time Well Wasted by Brad Paisley, as well as another one to be included in Jeff's next movie project, Surf's Up.I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy two weeks ago - Jack Harvey Gosen. He has turned my world upside down in the most wonderful way. Thank you to all the message board contributors who sent their good wishes!Wishing you all a loving Valentine's Day.

July 22nd, 2005

Very little news from me this time - sorry. Jeff has been away making his latest movie, so life is on hold. Of course knowing that he's away and that I could get away with writing whatever I want is quite tempting... when the cat's away the mice (mouse) will play... however, I have visions of the Sorcerer's Apprentice and it would all go horribly wrong. Enough metaphors for today! OK, unapproved news is that Jeff's hair is short and sexy for this movie and he got himself into great shape with a trainer - he looks wonderful! As Jeff isn't currently doodling, I've recycled a set of doodles that he originally showed in September 2001. I'm also recycling the first photo page Jeff ever showed on his site. Soon, when Jeff isn't working, there'll be new art to show but I hope you enjoy revisiting these for now.

May 5th, 2005

If you've seen the 'Huh?' icon on the Stuff page and understand how it works, please enlighten us. Jeff would love to find out about it, so there might even be a prize for the first correct (and understandable) explanation. You can post your answers to the message board, under the heading 'Huh?' I will post Harvey's explanation there first and await others. Here's something I thought you might enjoy:

Movie star, illustrator, painter, photographer, songwriter and guitarist Jeff Bridges is a special guest on Time After Island Time, the eclectic music/talk show on Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville.

Known for starring in great movies such as Tideland, The Moguls, Door in the Floor, Seabiscuit, The Big Lebowski, White Squall, The Fisher King, Tron, The Last Picture Show... and oh yeah, how can we forget the film he starred in alongside Jimmy Buffett? Rancho Deluxe...

Speaking of Jimmy Buffett, he also has an album, "Be Here Soon," on Jimmy Buffett's Mailboat Records label. Jeff showcases his music and songwriting as well as the songwriting of Jon Goodwin.

For the first time ever, you can hear Jeff sing a Jon Goodwin song that the world hasn't heard yet. It will be used in the upcoming Terry Gilliam film "Tideland." The song premiers on "Time After Island Time," because the dude slipped us an advance copy!

Listen in from anywhere in the World on Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville.

Saturday (May 21)
3:00 AM
3:00 PM

Sunday (May 22)
11:00 PM

Please remember that all showings are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Happy listening!

Check out--

April 5th, 2005

Jeff played at the Lebowski Fest West recently and had a blast. To buy T-shirts or see photos of the event, click here: Lebowski Fest On Sunday the Bridges clan were honored at the Method Fest. To see photos click here: Bridges Award Jeff has various projects coming up including Surf's Up and Stick It. Seems like it's going to be a busy year! He will write his news on the Latest page soon.Check out the updated Stuff page - lots of fun new things to look at.

March 18th, 2005

Time for an update, but not much to report - sorry. Jeff has been very busy reading scripts, working on projects and finishing up work on Tideland. We've had so much rain here that everything is growing rapidly, so Jeff has been indulging in another passion - gardening.If anyone reading this is a Lebowski fan, you might want to check out the latest Lebowski Fest happening next weekend. Sounds like fun!

February 8th, 2005

On Sunday night Jeff's movie, The Moguls, premiered at the Santa Barbara Internation Film Festival. Everyone loved the movie and there was a lot of laughter. Next Saturday (February 12th) Jeff will be singing in a benefit concert for the victims of the La Conchita mudslide. La Conchita is a town close to Santa Barbara where several people died in the rainstorms California recently experienced. Other singers at the concert include Jackson Browne, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Collective Soul, Tom Curran and Jimmy Messina. The theater is beautiful and holds about 2,000 people, but the tickets are selling out fast. Jeff is rehearsing some great songs.Jeff will also be joining his mother, brother and sister for another book signing of his mother's book next Saturday in Santa Barbara. The last booksigning was very popular - they signed over 300 books!

January 7th, 2005

Happy New Year! Jeff and Susan are off to New York next week where Jeff will be honored at the National Board of Review with a career achievement award. Jeff's mother, Dorothy Bridges, has published a book of poetry that she wrote over many years for her husband, Lloyd Bridges. It is called 'You Caught Me Kissing: A Love Story' and includes wonderful photographs of Jeff's parents and family. Jeff will be attending some book signings with his mother as well as appearing on some TV shows with her. Check the Appearances Page for the latest updates (as I get them).As Jeff wrote on the Latest Page, his album is now in the iTunes store. The tune 'Van Gogh in Hollywood' which he recorded for 'Tideland' is a bonus track being offered on iTunes. If you don't have iTunes on your computer, you can download it from the Apple Store (

November 30th, 2004

Jeff has been nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards for his performance in Door in the Floor. Tod Williams has also been nominated for the screenplay.

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