Child hunger is unacceptable in America.

~      We have enough food.

~      When children don't get enough nutritious food, they fall behind physically, cognitively, academically, emotionally and socially,

~      Ending child hunger will improve the health of America's people while reducing short- and long-term healthcare costs, increase the educational success of our children, and help the nation regain its workforce competitiveness and economic strength.



Steps to End Childhood Hunger:

1.   Create economic growth that provides opportunities for all (jobs)

2.   Increase the minimum wage (indexed for inflation)

3.   Establish a tax system that helps families thrive (increase Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit)

4.   Improve key supports to help families with children meet their basic needs (make housing affordable to needy families, provide child care program assistance for low-wage workers, reform unemployment insurance to include more people who work at low wages or part-time, protect families with individuals with disabilities)

5.   Ensure access to affordable, quality healthcare

6.   Increase access to and participation in the federal nutrition programs (simplify enrollment, expand outreach, support innovations, increase availability)

7.   Expand federal nutrition eligibility to reach all food-insecure children (restore Food Stamp eligibility to all immigrants lawfully resident in the US, raise income eligibility and eliminate asset tests)

8.   Ensure that children have not only enough food but enough nutritious food

9.   Provide the leadership required to reach the 2015 goal.



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